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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the Quick-T weigh?

Approximately 25 pounds. 

  • Does the Quick-T require assembly?

The only assembly required is that the base plate needs to be snapped together.

  • Is the rubber tee replaceable and does it split easily?

The rubber tee can be replaced by twisting it off and twisting on a new one.  The rubber  tee is made out of natural rubber not synthetic as many other tees are, and based on customer feedback, seems to be holding up longer.

  • How long does the battery last before it needs to be recharged?

If the tee is turned on and allowed to run constantly, the battery should last four to five hours before needing to be recharged.  Depending on the frequency of use, the battery should last over a year.

  • What kind of balls can be used in the tee?

Baseballs, softballs, lightweight practice balls, tennis balls, wiffle balls, dimpled, and others.

  • Will the tee tip over if a batter hits the rubber tee?

No, the tee is very stable with its 20 inch base and 25 pound weight.

  • Is the height adjustable? 

Yes, the tee has 5 positions, 3 inches apart between 32 and 44 inches in height. 

  • Can youth players use the tee?

Some teams and youth players use a platform to stand on which lowers the height of the tee.  Although shorter players may not be able to practice hitting in the bottom of the strike zone, they can still work on developing proper hitting techniques.  

  • What kind of guarantee does the Quick-T have?

QHI Sports feels that the Quick-T is such a good training machine that it will ensure that the tee continues to work properly for its customers - we are interested in customers telling others about how good the tee is, not that it is poorly made and won’t hold up. 

The original production prototypes have more than 650,000 cycles run on them and they are still running.  Obviously, sooner or later, the battery and the rubber tee will probably need to be replaced.

  • The Quick-T has been available how long? 

The tee has been used in large college and university programs as well as the major leagues for over two years.  The Quick-T was then introduced to the general public in April of 2000 after many years of testing to ensure that it would hold up well.

  • Is the machine durable?

Yes, very much so, the tee is made from high-impact ABS plastic and utilizes state-of-the-art microprocessor-based electronics for its controls.

  • Why should a player or team buy a Quick-T?

The Quick-T will give the batter a much more focused workout allowing the player to better develop hitting ‘muscle memory’.  The Quick-T eliminates the need for two-man drills and the safety concerns associated with them.  It eliminates the batter’s need to move out of position after each stroke to place another ball on the tee.

Also, a variety of drills such as step-up drills and weighted-ball drills can be executed that are not as workable with a standard tee.  

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