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Product Specifications
Specifications and Product Uniqueness:
Portable - utilizes a rechargeable 12 volt battery similar to those used in video camcorders.
Usability - the Quick-T can be used just as effectively indoors or  outdoors.  No extension cords are needed with the Quick-T.
Lightweight - most of the components in the Quick-T are made from ABS plastic which is  light in weight and extremely durable.  Unit weight is approximately 25 pounds.
Stable - Unlike stationary tees, the Quick-T has a large stable 20" diameter base which prevents the unit from moving around or tipping over from impact.
Adjustable Height - with a simple twist of the wrist, the height of the  Quick-T can be adjusted into one of five preset stops between 32 and 44 inches above the ground.
Automatic Ball Feed - The Quick-T has an automated ball feeding system, which handles baseballs, softballs and practice balls.  The ball feeder capacity is 15 baseballs or 12 softballs.
Adjustable Speed - When set to "timed mode" the Quick-T will cycle a ball into the hitting position every 5 to 25 seconds depending upon batter preference.  Using the "auto mode" the Quick-T will cycle as soon the ball has been hit.
Eliminate Wasted Time - The Quick-T is the only tee which eliminates the need for the batter to reach down to pick up the next ball to set on the tee.  The Quick-T does not require an additional person to act as the automatic ball feeder for the batter.  It really is the best solution for your batting efficiency.

Muscle Memory - The Quick-T enhances a batter's 'muscle memory' by allowing the batter to maintain his or her batting stance, concentration, and rhythm.  Only the Quick-T will enable you to fine-tune your hitting stroke while enjoying your practice session more.