Automated Batting Tee
Patent: 5,672,124 

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The Quick-T sets the new standard of reference for  automated batting tees.  

We designed a system that is easily adjustable to accommodate players of all heights, both amateur and professional.

We added a state-of-the-art timing circuit and sound sensor to allow the batter to choose between timed or automated cycles.  

Gone is the need to have a second person involved to manually set the ball on the tee for the batter.

The unit is light - approximately 25 pounds - and totally self-contained.  The rechargeable battery is similar to the type used in camcorders, both in size and weight.  This battery can support up to 3,000 cycles before needing to be recharged.  Extra batteries can be utilized for extended use.

The price of the Quick-T at only $298, makes it one of the best values going!

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